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Zero Balancing
Sierra M

Professional Designation(s): Certified Medical Massage Therapist, Trained Medical Massage Therapist
Address: Memphis TN 38115
Phone Number: 731 214 0767
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Zero Balancing Qualifications: Certification Candidate

Are you looking for some guidance along your life’s path and the benefit of an enduring and experienced yoga teacher? Would you like to practice yoga within the warmth and welcome of a group who like you are seeking self-awareness and the spiritual teachings of yoga as well as the physical benefits?


Do You Want:

  • A Stronger And More Flexible Body?
  • A More Resilient Heart And Mind So That You Can Respond (Not Just React) To Stress And Change?

I Offer Wellness Services:

  • Specific To Your Individual Needs In Mind And Body
  • Complementary And Integrative To Your Medical Protocol

I Offer A Yoga System That Lets You:

  • Experience Breakthroughs And Transformation.
  • Find The Natural Confidence Of Being At Peace With Your Environment And With The People Around You.
  • Recognize And Remove Obstacles That May Be Draining Your Energy Or Holding You Back From Seeing The Love That You Are, That Love Which Can Heal The Past

As a yoga teacher and healing arts practitioner of many years I am dedicated to helping you find your most powerful, healthiest and positively creative life journey.


Wellness and relaxation are achieved drawing from various modalities such as Swedish massage, acupressure, deep tissue, cranial sacral therapy and energy medicine. Aromatherapy is offered additionally upon request. This session is non-invasive, considerate and customized for you.

There is nothing quite so captivating as the sound of the GONG to take your mind into a relaxed and meditative state. The gong is considered a sacred instrument that captures the universal sound current. It is an attunement device for the human mind that heals traumatic, discordant and other imprints of the mind and emotions.

Yoga And Meditation Therapies, Body Work, Vibrational Therapies:

  • 1 hour $70
  • 2–1 hour sessions package $125 expires 4 weeks out
  • Gong Relaxation: 30 minutes $45

The aim of this session is to align your subtle energy fields called chakras helping you to find more ease and balance within your self. I use gemstones that align respectively to each chakra in various placements. I also include a gemstone practice called dowsing to balance the chakras using crystal pendulums held in suspension over the chakras for activating and balancing. This is a session you will appreciate time and again. It is a wonderful attunement and tune-up!