Evidence-Based Medicine Portal for Wellness Therapies

Evidence-Based Medicine Portal for Wellness Therapies

The vast array of therapies available in any approach to health and wellness can be daunting. Medical evidence of the efficacy of treatments is as necessary for alternative medicine as it is for Western medicine.

Medical care providers and patients alike share the goal of knowing the treatments selected are safe, effective and the best match for an individual’s picture of health. One challenge for the public in researching available treatments is that much peer-reviewed research is only available by paid subscription to professional medical journals.

Best of Humanity - Resources for Medical Evidence
While more peer-reviewed research has emerged in recent years on topics such as the physiological effects of meditation on the body, research can be time-consuming when journals are often organized around a single discipline of medicine. Google Scholar can be a good resource for searching a broad cross-section of the literature. Though, searching this way can be time consuming if your topic of interest is narrow enough to be limited to medicine but broad enough to require results from across disciplines of medicine.

Best of Humanity: Accessing Research

Non-profit The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) bridges this gap. The 501(c)(3) states its mission is to empower wellness worldwide by educating the public and private sectors about preventative health and wellness.

One of the ways GWI does this is by making available an Evidence-Based Medicine Portal for Wellness Therapies. Their free resource is designed for easy research by

  • those seeking to better understand for themselves a variety of approaches to wellness
  • physicians reviewing appropriate treatments for patients
  • corporate health professionals for use in training materials

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